What is Quanum?

Next Generation RC.

The team at Quanum are a driven group of individuals who are passionate about advancing the RC hobby. Sure, we like traditional R/C modelling just fine, but what really excites us is the next generation of RC that has emerged over the last few years. Quanum have been swept up in the FPV and multirotor revolution and are committed to bringing to market only the most exciting and innovative products that will push the envelope of what has been possible before. Our products are techy, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Unlike many other companies entering the market, every member of the team at Quanum is a hobbyist. If we aren't giddy with excitement about a product, we know our customers won't be either and we won't release it. With our in-house R&D, manufacturing, QC and design teams, we have total control over every single element of our products are made to the highest standards.

So what's next? You'll have to wait and see